One Esprit

Working at Esprit means becoming part of the Esprit Family of about 10,000 members around the globe. Esprit is made up of many people, perspectives and personalities, each bringing her or his own unique contribution to our company – an advantage that makes Esprit a diverse and open-minded brand and company.

We believe that, despite our growth into a global brand that is present in 40 countries, at our core, we are a company with “real people”. We take a hands-on, entrepreneurial approach to business and have fun while doing it. What’s even better is that we follow an open-door policy, meaning that hierarchies are less important than the person behind the job title – we are all on a first name basis, including upper management. Esprit is also a place to grow where the employees receive recognition and support for their visions, positive contributions and hard work.

Proud to be Esprit

We’re proud of aligning our actions to our ideals. One example of this is Esprit Cares, our employee-led volunteer program. Esprit Cares provides plenty of ways to meet other colleagues while caring for each other and building community at work and beyond. From charity runs and volunteer opportunities, to planting trees and donating to schools, Esprit Cares enables employees to give back and serves as a testament to Esprit’s commitment to making a positive impact as a brand and company.

Creating meaningful connections

Our focus as a global company and an innovative brand goes beyond the product so we can be closer to people. We value diversity, each other’s perspectives and positive contributions – and forming bonds with our colleagues, customers, social media followers and fashion lovers motivates us every day to offer our best to the world and each other.

Empowering ourselves, each other and the brand

Esprit provides an empowering environment that supports both personal growth and professional development, while working for a brand we are all passionate about! We believe hard work should be recognized which is why we cultivate a company culture of positivity, support and inclusiveness.

Thriving on passion

Passion for all things fashionable and on-trend is at the core of what we do. We are always on top of the latest trends and lifestyles which are making an impact throughout the world. Building a globally recognized brand with love, realness, beauty and passion is key to having a positive impact on our environment, customers and business.

Staying true to our Principles

Esprit has managed to be faithful to its principles by being sustainable, open-minded and staying humble. This, along with our passion for what we do, has made Esprit into who we are today: a brand that is present in more than 40 countries with approximately 10,000 employees around the globe. We are committed to maintaining a positive and respectful working environment that invites teamwork and community. We encourage open communication and welcome ideas and feedback from all of our team members, regardless of title or position. Because every single employee matters and makes a difference. In our global Headquarters alone, people from over 40 nationalities work side by side, creating outstanding ideas and visions to further the company’s business.

Sounds good? Let’s get to know each other!

Esprit Family Day

The Esprit Family 2016 was held on the Esprit Campus. All employees and their families had a great time together with lots of fun and activities including games, entertainment followed by a BBQ and lots of  Ice cream!

Check out the video, to see how it was and get an impression of the great day, we spent together.